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Sep. 7th, 2014 03:28 am
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OOC Information

This application is for any character who is NOT a part of the ATLA/LoK series.

Player: Tipple
Age: 28
Characters: None
Contact: [ profile] atippleofyourtears
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1) The kids LIKE each other. No matter how much they get on each other's nerves, this never changes.

2) Mabel's not stupid. She's a ham! There's a big difference. Mabel's love of goofing off is a natural force of her personality, but she can still understand when people she cares about need help or are in danger. Don't just make her a catchphrase machine. She really cares about the people around her. (Secret: Mabel's secretly jealous that her brothers better academically than she is)

3) Dipper's smart but he's not a "WALKING CALCULATOR" There's a lot of kids shows featuring a character who is "the brains." You know the guy. Thick glasses, nasal voice, often starts every sentence with "According to my calculations!! SNORT!" Pretty much every kids show stereotype can be traced back to the BK Kids club. This one would be IQ:
The point is, Dipper is better academically than Mabel, but he's also able to laugh at himself. He's a real kid. He has insecurities. He has things that he loves. I try not to pigeonhole these characters into "ONE TYPE" They lose their humanity if you do that. (Secret: Dipper's secretly jealous that Mabel's better socially than he is)

4) They've known each other forever. They should occasionally finish each other sentences, they should recognize when one of them is about to do something they always do, they should reference past inside jokes, they should get instantly angry at each other and then instantly make up, the way people who've known each other forever do.

5) They get more close in unfamiliar situations (because they need each other) and less close in familiar situations (because they dont as much) The entire summer is an unfamiliar situation, and its helping them bond.

6) Dipper wants to grow up too fast. Mabel doesn't.
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Dipper Pines heard laughter. It felt like it was echoing through him, like layers of himself were getting pulled off by it and then being reassembled into something alien. Beneath the laughter, Grunkle Stan was yelling and he sounded...scared. Why did he sound scared? Mabel screamed and her hand was being ripped out of his own, over and over again in his head.

(He should have held on. Why hadn't he been strong enough?)

Symbols played across his mind, symbols and pictures of places he'd never been. Some were empty and dead and inhabited only by the shapes of things that once were.

The symbols changed. They changed from what they had been in the book, no more hand, no more hungry fish, no more shooting star. There were new symbols now and they were suddenly seared painfully in the back of Dipper's mind, flashing bright in the black behind his eyes.

Red square. Pink diamond. Gold circle. Green upside-down triangle. Orange octagon. Blue hexagon.

Only the green triangle and the blue hexagon were free. The others were wrapped in shadow, wilting, plants choked by weeds.

...And the black hexagon was the one at fault, a coffin that opened him up and swallowed him whole. A hole in the heart of the shadow-corpse in it led into the void where the nothing devoured everything.

The pyramid watched it all with its ever-seeing eye.

Dipper heard his laughter and hated it. It was deafening as the door opened and shut behind them, and somehow he knew deep in his heart that he was now in another place that had a door in it that shouldn't have been opened.

"It's just the start. Haha!" Bill Cipher laughed and then his voice became deep and terrible.



Dipper sat up with a start, holding a hand to his chest and gasping and found himself in a dark woods. It was night, and the only light came from the full moon, filtering down through the leaves. The air was cool and still and buzzed with the strange creaking chirps of cicadas.

This was not Gravity Falls - the trees all looked wrong. There were pine trees, but not enough.

Dipper couldn't remember how he'd gotten here through. The last clear memory he had was of him and Mabel goofing around in the Mystery Shack but he was having strange flashes of something after, something...big. Something big had happened but there was an empty space in his head where the memory of it should have been.

"Mabel?" he called out, quickly climbing to his feet, feeling the panic well up as he realized she wasn't right near him. "Mabel?!"


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